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Brands are

people, too.

We believe the most compelling brands are dynamic and multi-dimensional, just like people. To give them life means building a universe around all parts of them and letting them attract a community. Our approach is to embrace experimentation and be collaborative in nature, so the thrill of the idea is never lost in execution.

menu of services

❋ Brand Positioning
❋ Brand Exploration Workshop
❋ Content Strategy
❋ Copywriting
Brand positioning symbol: a pencil on a map

Brand Positioning

Build a strong foundation and brand universe that guides every form of customer interaction. We’ll work together to uncover where your brand fits in the market, understand your target consumer and relevant analytics, hone in on your values and reason for being, and develop a voice and identity that is cohesive, distinct, and memorable.

Create a strong persona for your brand that inspires your team and customers. Best for teams of 2 or more, we’ll dive deep into the work you’ve done so far and custom design a 1-2 day workshop that explores your brand’s values, personality, sources of inspiration, look and feel, creating a well-rounded universe that springs to life, aligns with key data and insights and has buy-in from your team.

Brand Universe Workshop

Brand universe workshop symbol: a chart
Content strategy symbol: a computer and a phone with content

Content Strategy

Engage your community by sharing high-quality content that resonates. We’ll explore content pillars that provide relatable entry-points into your brand and products, and develop the processes for designing and deploying the content across channels on a regular basis. With a clear and consistent structure in place, your team is free to create.

Set your brand apart with concise, compelling language that converts. Guided by your brand’s defined tone of voice, we’ll develop copy for web, blogs, events and packaging that aligns with your goals and rallies your consumer base.


Copywriting symbol: a pencil to paper
Jumpstart 1:1 session symbol: a rocket

Jumpstart 1:1 Session

Have an idea that’s just getting off the ground, and want to brainstorm what that could mean for the brand identity? In a 90 minute 1:1 session, we’ll get to the ‘why’ behind your brand, and equip you with the questions to ask to launch your idea into reality.

❋ Jumpstart 1:1 Session
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